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Monday, February 21, 2011

Gooeyfridge part II

Just to expound upon my earlier post. 

I was rather disappointed to learn that this gel fridge does not actually exist in prototype or otherwise anywhere.  Its just a concept.  Kind of sad.  But in accordance with my last post, I am reporting on some other media I have found around, mostly from the Electrolux website.

This is Dmitriev's own presentation of his project at the Electrolux show.  It is about 6 minutes long, + about 5 more minutes of questions.  It is PAINFULLY obvious that english is not Yuriy's first (or even second or third) language, and his speech is nerve-gratingly slow and broken.  So i will sum up the presentation for you.
This fridge is of course Yuriy's vision for the future of refrigerating. 

He simply goes through all the reasons that it is better than fridge classic.  As you can see, food is inserted or removed by simply grabbing it with your hand.  It doesn't use a door so no accidentally forgetting to close the door and ruining your food.  It doesn't use energy so the food will stay fine in a power outage.  The space in the appliance is used more efficiently, so it requires far less space.  It first looks like there's barely enough room for anything, but he demonstrates how it can expand to up to 3x it's size to accommodate the likes of an entire beer keg.  It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and can even be mounted on a ceiling. 

One of the coolest things though, is that while the bots are absorbing the heat from the food, they give it off as light, so you can actually see food glowing as it cools down.
Some questions came after.  One gentlemen asked how the robots were powered.  Yuriy replied that they are powered by heat, supposedly form the food or from the air around it.  He then asked how the robots would maintain proper numbers, but there was some translating issues and no good answer was given.  The next question was about the color, which turned out to be a product of the energy flow, and about the white container, which turned out to be just design.  The last question was unclear, and the answer was even vaguer, so I'll skip it.

This video has a short artist-rendition of how it will work

This one only focuses on the fridge for a short time, and doesn't really show anything.

Well that's all for this... thing.


  1. i was just thinking about it, but couldnt remember a name or anything.

  2. wow, looks like a very modern fridge xD but i think i still prefer the one's we use nowadays.