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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sometimes I just geek out about something that isn't really even relevant or maybe even interesting.  This is one of them.

Introductory video : (did not embed because it was laggy)

Its not even the fact that its all ecofriendly and stuff.  ITS JUST SO COOL!  It looks cool.  It works cool.  And its supposed to be like a standard income range house in the moderate future.  But the coolest thing is... its made by my school O_O.  Virginia Tech, best college in Virginia made this.  Students and grads, not professors.  While you other colleges are making voice activated alarm clocks and cataloging rocks in the Galapagos, the students at Tech are redefining the future (sounds cool, no?).  But lets get straight to the bottom line:
It. Looks. Kickass.
I don't normally go for the hipster look, but this just pulls it off so well, what with the crazy metal panels and all the glass.  Errethings all slidin' around and folding up and into shit, its like living in a puzzle.  I always wanted to do that.  Despite the tiny footprint, it seems perfectly spacious enough to live in, and when you can just slide over the table when its in the way its all the better.
Oh, and for you environmentalist types, its all totally self contained and zero emission yada yada.

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  1. theres something you should look up that looks like the future today. i dont kno the exact name, but its a fridge filled with preservative gel. or something.